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Wheelchair and Wheelchair Accessory Options

Welcome to WMUK Mobility’s blog post on wheelchair and wheelchair accessories in Weston-Super-Mare and North Somerset. Our shop in High Street Worle offers a wide range of new and used wheelchairs, as well as a variety of wheelchair accessories to meet the needs of all customers.

Transit Wheelchairs. Our transit wheelchairs are perfect for individuals who require assistance from a carer or family member. The lightweight aluminium folding wheelchair is easy to transport and ideal for short trips. Our steel-framed travel chair is also lightweight and easy to fold, making it a great choice for travel.

S1 Transit Wheelchair

Self-Propelled Wheelchairs. The S1 self-propelled wheelchair is a popular choice for those who are looking for a strong, steel-framed wheelchair with mag wheels. The Ultra Lite self-propelled wheelchair is also a great option with its lightweight aluminium frame, making it easier for users to propel themselves.

ICON 35 LX. For a light and compact wheelchair, the ICON 35 LX wheelchair is the perfect choice. Its helpful features include a light blue coloured frame, making it a stylish option. It’s also packed with helpful features, making it a top choice for those who require a little extra support and assistance.

Wheelchair Accessories Weston Super Mare

Wheelchair Accessories. At WMUK Mobility, we offer a wide range of wheelchair accessories including ponchos, leg cosies, cushions, cane and crutch holders, rain covers, and more. Our inflatable comfort ring cushions provide added comfort, while our broad webbing calf straps offer support to wheelchair users. The mobility bags/wheelchair bags fit easily onto the wheelchair, making it easier for users to carry personal items.

Wheelchair Ramps – Suitcase Ramp

We also stock wheelchair ramps, such as a lightweight suitcase ramp, making it easier for wheelchair users to access different areas. Our wheelchair power packs provide added power to self-propelled wheelchairs, making it easier to get around. And our wheelchair lap/seat belts and padded leg cosey offer added comfort and support to users.

Suitcase wheelchair ramp

Mobility Shop Worle, Weston-Super-Mare

At WMUK Mobility, we’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality wheelchairs and accessories. Our mobility shop in High Street Worle, Weston Super Mare is open 6 days a week, Mon to Saturday. We invite you to visit us and see our extensive range of wheelchairs and accessories for yourself.

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