Used: 2022 Kymco Komfy 4 – 4mph Pavement Mobility Scooter


Used: Kymco Komfy 4 is a highly advanced, comfortable and stylish 4mph pavement mobility scooter. This very low use, 2022 used model has undergone a full service and battery check.

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The Komfy mobility scooters have been designed to provide you with the ultimate in comfort, style, manoeuvrability and performance. Designed with particular attention to ergonomics and comfort, we have developed one of the most flexible and easy to use scooters on the market!  Komfy 4 which has a top speed of 4mph, both versions are packed with many features that you would naturally expect from a modern, advanced mobility scooter. Komfy will enhance your everyday life, independence and enjoyment of travel.

The Komfy 4 has many features that will enhance your everyday life:

  • Undergone full service and battery check
  • 2022 model
  • Very good condition
  • Undergone full service & battery check
  • Full suspension
  • Clear and easy to use controls
  • Delta tiller – ergonomic design
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Large comfy captain seat with adjustable armrests
  • Swivel seat for ease of getting on/off
  • Front led light
  • Air tyres for comfort
  • Max user weight 25 stone
  • 25 mile range
Maximum Speed (Kph / mph) 6.4 Kph / 4 mph
Calculated Range (Km / Miles) 40 Km / 25 Miles
Wheel Type Pneumatic
Battery 45A
Fitted Lights Yes
Turning Radius (mm) 1560 mm
Maximum Slope (Degrees) 10


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