Aidapt Easywipe – Toilet Aid


This totally new and innovative design overcomes the drawbacks of any existing devices and ensures personal hygiene for those who find reaching difficult.

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The design of the Buckingham Easywipe has been thoroughly researched and the resultant ergonomic shape helps anyone with limited dexterity.
The patented shape and mechanism of the Buckingham Easywipe grips the toilet tissue firmly and releases it cleanly.
The Buckingham Easywipe removes the need to touch the paper after using.
The Buckingham Easywipe has been designed to be both simple to use and easy to keep clean with no dirt traps.
Clean with disposable cloth in mild soapy water.
Rounded, soft and smooth design.
Longer than any existing device.
Ensures easy reach.
Works equally well with toilet tissue or wet wipe
Light strong and durable
Supplied retail packed
Latex Free
Length 38cm (15″)


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